Agency Departments and Boards

The California Labor & Workforce Development Agency was created in 2002, and is the first cabinet-level agency to coordinate workforce programs.

The remainder of this page provides a summary of the major agency operations. Select any of the links to learn more about the work being done within the Agency.

Agricultural Labor Relations Board
California’s growers and workers have rights and responsibilities to support fair workplace practices. The ALRB adjudicates and oversees elections to determine whether or not agricultural workers are to be represented by a collective bargaining agent. Visit the ALRB Web site for information on growers and workers rights and responsibilities.


California Employment Development DepartmentEDD logo
Looking for a job? Need assistance applying for unemployment or disability benefits? Looking for assistance in calculating your business’ payroll taxes? Need to find a job training class? Want to hire workers? Visit the EDD Web site for more information on these programs and to find the nearest one stop career center.


California Public Employment Relations Board
The PERB is a quasi-judicial body that administers and enforces California public sector collective bargaining laws in an expert, fair, and consistent manner; promotes improved public sector employer-employee relations; and provides a timely and cost effective method through which employers, employee organizations, and employees can resolve their labor relations disputes.


California Unemployment Insurance Appeals BoardCUIAB logo
Did you know you can file an appeal if you are denied unemployment or disability benefits? Did you know you can file an appeal if you have a former employee who is incorrectly claiming benefits? To learn more about the state board that processes and makes decisions on these appeals, visit the CUIAB Web site.


California Workforce Development BoardCWDB logo
California’s ever-changing economy needs highly skilled workers to maintain its stability. The CalWDB is a policy board overseeing the coordination of California’s many job training programs. To learn more about workforce development programs in California, visit the CalWDB Web site.


Department of Industrial RelationsDIR logo
Having problems receiving wages for work you have done? Injured on the job? Looking for apprenticeship programs? Want to find out more about improving safety in your workplace? Learn more about your workplace rights and responsibilities at the DIR Web site.


Employment Training PanelETPlogo
California businesses need skilled workers to increase productivity and prosperity. To assist California’s industries and businesses, the ETP funds job training programs to update your workers’ skills and support your business. Visit the ETP Web site for information on financial grants to business owners.