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The California Labor & Workforce Development Agency welcomes your participation in helping us serve California’s businesses and workers. We want to make it easier for you to learn about what we do and whom we serve. Please join us at our public events and meetings.

To contact the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency communications office, please call (916) 653-9900.

Communications Offices of the Agency's Departments and Boards
Agricultural Labor Relations Board (916) 653-3741
California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (916) 263-6722
California Workforce Development Board (916) 324-3425
Department of Industrial Relations (510) 286-1161
Employment Development Department (916) 654-9029
Employment Training Panel (916) 327-5640
Public Employment Relations Board (916) 322-8226

Latest numbers from the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency

For your convenience, we are providing the most frequently requested facts and numbers. If you are in need of additional information, please go to media room – contact information for the phone number to the departments and boards communications office.

Media policies

Media inquiries:
Our communications office welcomes your inquiries. If you have questions for the departments and boards, please inquire with their respective communications offices directly. Please provide your deadlines so they may respond as quickly as possible.

Media interviews:
For interviews, contact the agency communications office at (916) 653-9900. Requests for interviews with the agency department/boards should be directed to their respective communications offices.

Media access to facilities:
Media representatives who want to photograph, videotape or film at the more than 550 offices, one-stop career centers and other facilities must receive prior approval from the office manager and the department’s communications office. If there are members of the public or civil service employees in camera range, the office manager must announce your intent prior to any photographing, videotaping or filming in the office location to protect the confidentiality of our customers and employees.

Your request for access may be directed to the local office manager and the respective departments/boards’ communications offices.